Ardentees Gets Technical

April 23, 2010 | Written by Darren | Category: Clothing Lines

So what do I mean by technical in the title of this post? Well, I review a lot a shirts and shirt lines and the majority are lauded for their ability to be cool and simple at the same time. It makes sense…if you contact a printer with a very complex 4-color process print he will tell you one of three things…

He might first try to sell you on digital printing and we all know that quality isn’t anywhere near screen printing. The second thing the printer might try to tell you is to convert the design to spot colors. If you stand your ground and decide the only way you won’t your shirts printed is with four color process, then he might concede and explain how the actual print will not look as good as the original art.

It appears that Ardentees not only stood their ground and stuck to four color process, but they also found one heck of a printer to do the job. There shirts are super slick and very technical.

The first one up that I like a lot is “Holy Suicide”. It sets a new record for being busy but does so seamlessly. It is a complete full size print from top to bottom and screen printed with water-based inks for a very soft hand.


The “CMYK Inside” takes cymk to a whole new level. It isn’t enough that the colors blend so well, they also mixed in a photograph of a face behind it. Masterfully done!


We thought we would throw in one more shirt for good measure. We needed to include one on a dark colored shirt. I chose the “A” because I thought it was so unique. Some people try to do “unique” and you can tell that they’re trying too hard to do it. It isn’t art if you are just doing it for art’s sake. In this case, the design is unique with confidence. It is a mix of photograph and design.


Ardentees, we see you and we like what you’re doing.

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