Is Quickbooks Hard To Learn?

February 7, 2020 | Written by Darren | Category: Bookkeeping

Learn Quickbooks

You’ll be able to track and categorize all of your expenses and accounts receivable. QuickBooks give you the ability to invoice clients bookkeeping and even send reminders to submit payment. You’ll be able to see bank accounts, income, sales, expenses, profit and loss comparisons.


QuickBooks Desktop is the prehistoric dinosaur of accounting software, launched way back in 1992. But this dinosaur is far from extinct (despite Intuit’s efforts to force users to switch to QuickBooks Online). QuickBooks Online is designed specifically for small businesses; however, the new QuickBooks Online Advanced plan makes the software scalable for larger businesses as well.

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Here is an article about how QuickBooks Desktop Hosting works. Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop give the option for connecting with your bank account, but neither require it.

Official Quickbooks Updates And New Features, Expert Tips, And Videos

So if you want QuickBooks Pro Plus 2018 you’ll have to order it from a different source like Amazon — and they will have the exact cost and shipping information. If you would like to purchase QuickBooks Pro Plus 2019, the US price is $299.95/year for 1 user, $499.95/year for 2 users, or $699.95/year for 3 users (not including tax and shipping).

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In Simple Start, you can track accounts receivable, run reports to track sales, and monitor cash flow. Securely import transactions from your bank accounts and credit card accounts, and create custom rules to automatically add categorized transactions. QuickBooks connects with normal balance thousands of financial institutions, helping you reduce data entry and keep your books current. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google uses the data collected to track and monitor the use of our Service.

If our top seven QuickBooks alternatives don’t meet your needs, we have three additional options to share with you. If you’re looking for a free alternative to Wave, SlickPie might work for you. OneUp really performs when it comes to the robust inventory features that go beyond what Xero and QuickBooks offer.

For these reasons, Xero is also on our list of best business accounting software. So it sounds like you’re QuickBooks help currently frustrated with QuickBooks desktop and the inability to see your information right away.

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want an online accounting application that offers double-entry accounting capability, Accounting by Wave may be right for you. FreshBooks pricing starts at $15 a month, with the popular Plus plan running $25 a month, a small price to pay to keep your books in order. FreshBooks recently added double-entry accounting capability to the application, a major plus for any small business that has at least one employee.

In the next series of questions, you will narrow down your product choices. Intuit doesn’t offer an equivalent for Premier on the Mac, so if you require that level of functionality, you need to use a Windows PC or a Windows emulator to access a Windows version of the software. You can also share your QuickBooks data with Windows users or your accountant. However, you can still send your accountant the QuickBooks data from QuickBooks for Mac.

  • One of the biggest difference between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier is that Quickbooks Premier offers six industry-specific version of the software in addition to the standard version.
  • For a vast majority of small businesses, QuickBooks Pro will likely meet your needs, but its smart to consider all of the options before investing several hundred dollars into a solution.
  • First, you will learn a description of each QuickBooks version and then we’ll help you narrow down your choices.

How long will QuickBooks 2019 be supported?

The majority of my knowledge, which is now at the expert level, was self-taught augmented with online courses and a few books. Read my Intuit Quickbooks review. The smart folk at Intuit have worked hard to make their premier software Quickbooks especially easy to learn with an excellent user experience.

The former identifies most commonly occurred data issues while the latter resolves data integrity issues found by Verify Data utility. Both freelancers and sole proprietors can benefit from using Zoho Books, which offers the ability to track and bill time easily. Pricing for Zoho Books starts at $9 per month for the Basic plan, with the Standard plan running $19 and the Professional plan running $29.

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Like all of the competitors on our list, FreshBooks lets you connect all of your bank and credit card accounts. However, you need to reconcile these accounts manually in FreshBooks, whereas with Xero you can complete the reconciliation within the software. Unlike Xero, which includes unlimited users in all three of its plans, each FreshBooks plan includes only one user.

Here is a quick video that explains how to print checks using QuickBooks Online. I have been running Quick books for 15 years and I am currently still using the 2009 version for my small business, but I just bought a new computer and want to install an updated version of QB.

Does QuickBooks automatically calculate overtime?

Quickbooks for Mac, as the name suggests, is a desktop tool for Mac users, Quickbooks Pro is a desktop accounting tool for small businesses, and Quickbooks Online is a subscription-based cloud accounting tool.

Compare this to Xero, which gives you unlimited users in all three of their pricing plans. Sunrise customers reviews tend to note how user-friendly the program is and how easy it is to invoice their customers. Negative reviews mention not having bookkeeper support by phone with the Starting plan and not having accounts payable tools available.

With QuickBooks Online, you can have unlimited time-only users who can access QBO from any device and can input their hours into the software. With QuickBooks Pro, there is still time tracking, but you lose the mobility and the user access (as there are only three users available). While both programs offer time tracking, bookkeeping neither program has built-in DCAA compliance. Both programs integrate with TSheets, and TSheets is how you’d be able to ensure DCAA compliance (here’s some more information about TSheets, QuickBooks, and compliance). With either software, the TSheets integration will offer real-time syncing between each program.

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If you have more complex accounting requirements, you will probably want to consider a desktop software package solution. We place this one first as this is an easy decision for you if your company runs on all Macs.

For example, say you want to buy QuickBooks Pro but don’t need any of the new 2018 updates. You may be able to save some money by buying QuickBooks 2017 from a reseller like Amazon or Best Buy.

If your business is anywhere, any place, consider QuickBooks Online as your accounting software of choice. Online Simple Start is the least feature-rich version of the product and likely is of no value to just about any business. This is a dip your toe in plan to get you to use the service for $13 a month – then upgrade once you realize you cannot run your business on it. We’re happy to help you find the right accounting software for your business!

While both QuickBooks and Xero allow for app integration, Xero goes above and beyond with more than 700 app integrations, extending the basic functionality of the application considerably. Apps are available in numerous categories including CRM, e-commerce, time tracking, practice management, payroll, and point of sale. If you’re in the market for a small business accounting software application that can be used with numerous apps in a variety of categories, you won’t find a better option than Xero. The product offers four plans that range from Basic for very small businesses to Priority ERP, allowing you to continue using this excellent application at every stage of your business.

QuickBooks Premier is geared toward medium and niche industry businesses and costs $499.95 for a single user. QuickBooks Enterprise is designed for large businesses or small enterprises and starts at $1,155/year. QuickBooks Desktop has a licensing pricing model and yearly subscription pricing model. The prices for QuickBooks Desktop vary depending on which version of the software you opt for. There are four pricing plans available ranging from $20-$150/month (with an additional $35/mo+ for payroll).

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