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February 22, 2010 | Written by Darren | Category: Uncategorized

I went to look at Brand New Intention like I do all the brands that email me. Something caught my eye and it was the name J3 Concepts. I have followed Jared’s work for quite some time and seeing his name attached to this brand made me stick around a little bit.

Having an artist create a t-shirt design can give your brand a turbo boost out of the gates. The two designs that J3 hooked Brand New Intentions up with did just that. The first and my fave is the logo shirt with the old school St. Louis cardinal looking tee called “We Were All Made for Fighting”:


The colors are legit and the cardinal really pops. His second design is more subdued but really has the J3 signature look:


Brand New Intention has a way to go but the look is good so far. I hope we can expect more collabos in the future with designers of J3Concepts’ level.

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