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It’s fine to fund supper or film seats, but go shopping with don’t her utilizing the intention

Buy Her Things

This is certainly a big NO NO.

Of purchasing her hand bangs or footwear. Because your from a rich western country or that she can’t afford to, drop her immediately and don’t look back if she insists that you do it!

Congratulations you’ve got gotten rid of a silver digger.

If you want to learn to determine Vietnamese silver diggers and exactly how to prevent getting fleeced, click on this link to learn this short article We published.

It isn’t an actual relationship, its a deal.

Then fine, but don’t allow a Vietnamese woman to start dictating that you buy her material things otherwise she will withhold affection from you if your happy to be in a sugar daddy arrangement and both parties are up front about it.

When you’re currently in this sort of relationship I quickly would suggest that you RUN!

We have dated a lot of Vietnamese girls and it’s also maybe not normal to allow them to request you to purchase them things.

With that said nevertheless, i’ve experienced an extremely tiny portion of girls that demanded them things on the first date that I buy.

One of these presently holds the record for the shortest date ever in Vietnam when I delivered her packing house within just five minutes after fulfilling me personally.