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Amber Rose trending on Twitter after rating threesome with Wiz as lousy, peeving him off. Report card for in-bed performance?

Amber Rose spouted TMI these times by rating her sex that is recent romp Wiz as lower than stellar, prompting fighting terms on Twitter!

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Wiz Khalifa is truly peeved at Amber Rose also it all comes from a Threesome the couple embarked on which appears like an epic fail from Amber Rose’s viewpoint. In real Amber Rose kind, she took to media that are social allow her fans understand so just how grotesque her threesome with her ex ended up being and as a result it appears as though she embarrassed Wiz. If nothing else, she got him fuming over her score their intimate encounter for the globe to see. There simply does not appear to be such a thing held sacred by Amber Rose. This lights up the radar of TMI (a lot of information)!

Embarrassing TMI

Apparently after having a threesome the other day, that ended up being rated as “horrible” in Amber Rose’s eyes, she took to social networking to talk about her experience.

She stated that on her intimate requirements in the long run she’s going to target her ex and just her ex. She stated this after her menage a trois ended up being an epic fail, based on TMZ.