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5 Things they don’t about tell you Dating A healthcare Resident

#3: also have a plan B. you may need it.

I am composing this post whilst the Bear places an additional 6-day, 100-hour work week. Nope, which wasn’t a typo. Boyfriend works hours that are loooooong. And also though he made this “lifestyle” clear if you ask me from Date # 2 – something over the lines of, “can you really understand what you will get yourself into?” and I also read countless first-hand reports (this guide and this guide are good, if you should be interested), I do not think we completely comprehended precisely what dating a first-year resident actually, really, actually entailed until that first early morning his alarm went off at 5 am and I also blearily watched him don his scrubs, grab their coffee, peck me personally on the cheek, and get.

Without a doubt, it is more McLonely than McDreamy up in right right here, women.