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We have been maybe not gonna provide you with figures that are unrealistic predicated on above example,

This is a typical example of a web revenue you can get each month with JUST a small amount of active users that could be easily acquired with small or no marketing! For larger web internet web sites or business that is existing, it is simple to perform some math according to your website traffic and you may observe that a 5-6 figure month-to-month earnings is certainly not something which is unreachable.

Q: how to understand whenever user completes an offer and make certain that the SMS credit is delivered to their account?

Good question. The organization that you partner with (usually from affiliate companies) provides you with a monitoring URL which will determine the user that completes the offer or even the web web site operator provides users with particular directions (such as for instance utilizing their usernames or e-mails) in a way that the company you may be working together with will understand the people that you simply referred for them.

Users in change has their SMS credits deposited within their account when you look at the ways that are following

Sponsor accounts will likely be prov These partnering organizations can also supply the website operator because of the selection of approved members who finished the provides for you to manually batch process.