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Allow me to inform in what to compose in your Tinder bio?

People stress over writing witty and funny Tinder bios, not to mention attempting to make those few lines of text and emoji’s additionally represent their character and what they’re looking from Tinder.

But does a Tinder bio really matter that much? Do people read the text and emoji’s in your Tinder bio and actually make use of it judge you?

Well OkCupid did a test to discover one thing that is similar wished to determine if the writing on online dating pages had a visible impact on exactly how users perceive other users.

They made it happen by asking users to speed other users, but 1 / 2 of the time they hid the profile text of these other users. This implied that they had two sets of information in regards to the exact same pages:

  1. One group of ranks for text and“picture” together, and
  2. Another group of ranks for the “picture alone”.

Here you will find the outcomes (each dot is a person):

The outcomes reveal that folks ranked the pages just about equivalent, whether or not the profile text had been shown or perhaps not.

In conclusion?… “Essentially, the writing is not as much as 10% of what individuals think of you.”