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? — Jungkook, V, You Threesome. See, that’s what the software is good for.

See, that’s just just what the software is ideal for.

Jungkook, V, You Threesome

Right right Here you choose to go sweetie!! Sorry it took such a long time camcontacts com, but i am hoping you like it anyways!

Warning: Underage Smut and Language

You knew Jungkook had had intercourse before and didn’t require any kind of ‘help’ however you had decided to allow him participate in you and Tae one evening, just which means you weren’t hated on because of the maknae. Taehyung had warned you in advance exactly exactly exactly how Jungkook that is kinky was you had no idea he had been likely to push you face straight straight down regarding the sleep and tear your pants down.

“She’s therefore breathtaking, ” he whispers to Taehyung, his hand smoothing over your legs and ass. You weren’t anticipating the very first slap and you gasp loudly and check out look at him. “No no no Princess. Ahead. ”

Jungkook grabs the hair and yanks your face back in destination approximately. You lookup at Tae, sat prior to you together with his legs distribute, with rips in your eyes. They weren’t bad rips, they certainly were good as more slaps had been brought to the rear of you. You whimper and bite your lip you twice in a row, the loud sound cracking out through the empty room as he smacks. Jungkook smooths their hand over your ass that is stinging and you inside the large arms, tilting on the straight back of you.

These people were having a discussion, the 2 men, speaking about whatever they had been likely to do and also at the same time Taehyung had been pulling their sweats down and permitting their cock slap against their thigh.