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The stages of coder training included orientation towards the coding codebook and task

Sexual reviews involving homosexual and references that are lesbian have purposes except that portraying the intimate issues of those teams such as for example usage by right figures to reaffirm their heterosexuality or even to tease another individual. Therefore, requirements had been founded to make sure that this product had been coded “yes” for an interval only if mention intercourse involving nonheterosexual references really addressed sexual dilemmas of gays, lesbians, or bisexuals; otherwise, the remarks were coded within their appropriate talk that is sexual but did not count toward a yes reaction with this product. For instance, if a character that is male to guard his present dating dry spell and not enough sex-life by asserting, “Well, it isn’t like i am homosexual; i simply have not met the best girl!” such a comment could have been coded in the primary coding task within the intimate talk category “own/others’ intimate interests or actions” because he produced mention of their intimate fascination with women, however the mention of maybe perhaps not being homosexual will never have counted toward an optimistic reaction to the product on mention nonheterosexual intimate dilemmas.