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Top Ten Bondage Terms You Have To Know

Takeaway: Bondage requires an amount that is certain of before you jump in. Therefore allow’s focus on the extremely fundamentals: terminology.

Perchance you’ve done the silk tie thing along with your partner, tying them up in order to have the right path with them. Or perhaps you’ve perused bondage porn on line, wishing which could be you tangled up and helpless or torturing the only you like with rope. In either case, you actually are interested in bondage.

The one thing to learn about bondage is so it calls for a lot of training before you hop in. Therefore let’s begin with the basics that are very terminology. Listed below are 10 typical bondage terms you have to know. Contemplate this being a point that is starting your kinky bondage education.


Rigger, a sex basic term, is the most effective into the bondage scene. It is the individual who ties their consenting partner up (or down!). A rigger may be a premier only in a bondage scene or they might be the Dominant in a relationship that is d/s. The rigger is the person in charge in terms of a bondage power exchange. The word “rigger” arises from a classic cruising term – it had been the individual in control of the ropes that managed the sails of the ship.