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Why Do Men Date If They’re Not Ready for a Relationship?

I dated some guy for 6 months; after a laid-back discussion to make sure that people had been for a passing fancy page, he apologized in my opinion if you are therefore detached given that it had been never ever their intention. He stated he wished that their life had been more stable and that he felt it will be unjust to bring me in virtually any further as he felt like he was in an environment of doubt and actually & emotionally numb/exhausted. He additionally informed me personally which he is at a crossroads in the profession and that he felt like he might be going thru a midlife crisis. I really believe he could be truthful and honest about these things because those ideas are difficult for just about any guy to admit. We’ve remained buddies whom periodically get together for delighted hour ( absolutely nothing more!! ) But, I see him online CONSTANTLY. Therefore my question is…. Why do guys stay active on online dating services if they understand they’re not in a emotionally available destination? Could it be something to enhance ego and fill their time that is alone at? Is online dating sites a hard to break practice? Will they be opportunists looking to “get some” until they’ve been at a much better invest life? Or had been he smoke that is blowing my ass and I also thought it?