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Threadless X Tate Modern Museum

Question: When does designing t-shirts become a lot more than just designing t-shirts?

Answer: When a major company such as Threadless is able to partner up with a world-renowned art museum to give you international exposure.

That is what is happening in the…

Christian San Jose is Hustlin’

I just came across a very interesting article posted at Coty Gonzalez by guest blogger Blake Poutra. It covered how t-shirt designer Christian San Jose created a social media campaign to help his cause in the DBH 10k contest. He went all out….

Kings of Leon Design Contest Controversy

I know this is going to be two Design By Humans posts in a row, but this is one that I just couldn’t pass up. They recently declared the winners of the Kings Of Leon contest and it appears that the DBH community isn’t too pleased with the selection.

Design By Humans Lil Wayne Contest – My Top 4

Design By Humans has been lighting it up lately with special contests featuring music artists. This is definitely a win-win situation for both the artist and the t-shirt design community because of the collaboration, the fan build up, and high quality of design. Currently, the Lil Wayne contest is up and running and I put together my top four picks.

A Better Tomorrow X Art Bastard Contest

The collabos keep coming as the design contests are upping the ante and keeping it fresh. Everybody wins when companies get together to do this, because there is more money to sweeten the pot.