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Tee of the Year in January

I just have to take a break from my regularly scheduled t-shirt line review to bring you what may possible be the t-shirt of the year. And I know what you are thinking… can you make that claim in January? It’s easy, when you see this shirt, you will understand completely.

Johnny Cupcakes Movie Parodies

Just when you think Johnny Cupcakes couldn’t possibly come up with another cupcake logo, they drop the Transformers tee on you. I am kind of left in awe. When looking at the artwork, considering I somehow made an 18 wheeler look very much like a cupcake. See the pic after the jump.

Inspired Mag’s 55 Fresh T-Shirts for Creatives

I am a sucker for a big list of cool t-shirts. Typically, a big list will include about 30 shirts….so I had to feature this one because they bumped it up to 55.

Tee Design By Cuypi

One of the beautiful things about design, and t-shirt designs specifically, is the fact that there isn’t a specific language attached to it. It’s not a prerequisite to know anything about the artist, the geographical origin, or the culture that influenced the artwork. Now some of those factors can add to the story, but they aren’t a necessity to appreciate good design. And thankfully so, because I found this designer on a French website, and I can’t understand a single word on the page I found him/her on.

Johnny Cupcakes Remixes the Cupcake

What do you get when you get when you pair the most current design elements with a hot brand that is known to spoof almost everything? Any guesses? You’re right….you get a pretty damn trendy cupcake thanks to Johnny Cupcakes.

Randr Gets Fierce with Its Print

I just received a little gem in my inbox (see…it pays to email me with your updates!) and I was quickly impressed with the ferociousness of the print. It was brought to me by way of Randr as their new shirt of the week.

Corefolio Is The Truth

I just came across the t-shirt designer, Corefolio, and by the way of the t-shirt blog Taddict. Derek was posting about one of his t-shirt designs being for sale. I checked out his portfolio on his Blogspot site, and it is sick. He has…

Threadless Prints 4-Color Process?

This is our first guest post from Blake at You Design It.  Hopefully, this will become a regular guest spot as he gives us a t-shirt printer’s perspective to help you design t-shirts.

Now I may be wrong about this, but it appears that the artwork of one of the new prints at Threadless isn’t really artwork at all.  Or, I should say, artwork we are used to it at the t-shirt design competition site.  It appears this design was crafted by hand and photographed as opposed to created in Photoshop or Illustrator.  And I’m sure that there was some Photoshop work done to the photograph afterward, but I think you get what I’m saying. Let me explain why this is so significant…

Kikstyo Goes All Over

This is of the most serious all over prints I’ve seen in a long time. You might recognize the theme from Teen Wolf modified to represent the Kikstyo brand. The artwork in itself is pretty cool but I am amazed by the coverage of the print and the symmetry of how well it was executed. Get ready for more of these in the future.


Symbolika Psychedelic T Shirts

Symbolika was created back in 2001 by Fabian and the clothing line grown from a few core designs to over 30 unique and colorful Psychedelic T-Shirt prints! The Symbols and Compositions that make up these t shirt designs were inspired by Fabian’s trips around the world.