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I have stumbled unto a fix for, Windows 10 desktop not remembering icon locations between boots or from sleep. After manually selecting locations for particular icons on my desktop, I refreshed the desktop and so far my locations have not been altered. Sometime between wake states, my icons would either revert back to an old setting, or just line up to the left without me intervening in any way.

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Also, don’t know if it matters, but I didn’t have “Allow themes to change desktop icons” checked. I recently reinstalled windows 10, and now all of my icons relocate to the upper left side of the desktop after reset. I tried the following “solutions” and then some without success . right click on a blank section, go to view then click on large icons, they will switch to large icons. Then right click again and go to view again and then you will be able to change the auto arrange section.

On the Lock screen menu, scroll down to and click on "Cortana lock screen settings." Scroll down to Lock Screen and make sure "Use Cortana even when my device is locked" is turned on. If you’re happy with your lock-screen image, you can keep the same one for your sign-in screen. Just scroll down in the Lock screen settings page to turn on the option to "Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen." I turn off the Peer-to-Peer however I can see its usefulness in some cases as you can disable that and make it specifically for just internal systems. If you have a bandwidth limit having one system download the updates and other systems pull from it would be useful. After you’ve changed those settings hit the Clean Now button to free some space right away. To change your default browser, first make sure you have the new browser installed.

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  • Show Desktop Notifications – When multiple people are collaborating, the Sync app will display pop-up notifications, letting you know if the file has changed.
  • Desktop notifications may also include important account, file and system notifications.
  • Before you proceed, remember that you can only perform the steps successfully if you are using an account with administrator privileges.

I’m guessing the icons are loaded on a default desktop before the final resolution settings are enacted. And that final resolution seems to trigger some default desktop sort operation. I have program icons, folders and documents on my desktop. Two or three times a week, I come in to work and everything has been rearranged. Its extremely frustrating for someone who is left handed because everything makes more sense for me when it is “backwards” – i like things on the left rather than the right. And I like my recycle bin on the bottom right (a hold over from my arly days of using apple products.

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That has stopped, and has continued now for many starts and sleep terminations. Obviously if these are not the icons you’re worried about then this won’t apply. But if it is you can get around it by keeping the file/files in a folder somewhere else – My Documents might be worth consideration!

– and make a desktop shortcut for each file and place it where you want it on the desktop. Substitute theSomeUserName portion with the actual user name or group name.

You’ll find that with a few simple tweaks and setting changes, there are lots of things you can do in Windows 10 before you even have a chance to sign into your account. And if you don’t want to remember a password, use a picture instead. You can also go without one entirely, though we don’t recommend it. To enhance your interactions with Cortana at the lock screen, select the option to allow integration with your calendar, email, messages, and Power BI data even when your device is locked. The coolest option of all may be the ability to chat with Cortana at the lock screen without having to log in.

Search for "default apps" in the Windows search box and click the top result. Scroll down to "web browser," click the Edge icon and choose the browser you want to use. That’s one extra, unnecessary click every single time you want to unlock your PC. Within the Personalization key, create a DWORD (32-bit) value called NoLockScreen and set it to 1. Uncheck all the desktop icons on the Desktop Icon Settings window, remembering what was checked.