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Flirting 101 for internationals: how exactly to date A dutch woman

How exactly to date A dutch woman

You’re at the pub having an alcohol, once you place a blonde woman across the area. She’s using white sneakers, flared pants, and top with an animal print; she’s the quintessential girl that is dutch. Her blue eyes glow at you as she’s dance along with her friends. You determine to approach her. ‘Hello beautiful’, you state. Surprised, she turns around, giggling.

A day or two later on, you meet for a alcohol in the Concerthuis. You’re having such a time that is good, five full minutes in, you place your hand on her behalf leg without thinking. She is told by you exactly about just just what you’re learning and how you wound up in holland. She listens, and nods. You assume that you’ll be having a second date when you say goodbye later. Regrettably, she does not notice it this way.