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off topic how do you get to publish an avatar of myself on this website or perhaps a pic like Julia has?

I look at this letter having a mind that is open did appreciate it, my issue is #5 I don’t like no types of drama, NONE!! I could do like it, and I don’t care if’s coming from family, friend, foe without it, I don’t. We don’t want it or require it the individuals in my situation are only once again… DRAMA!! Once I view it coming We move from the way.

Yep, i really do have an inventory but personally i think the things upon it are items that are part of the task description of Adulthood 101. Be economically responsible; have good hygiene; just just just take responsibility on your own health; have actually a strong work ethic; be without any addictions; would not have a criminal history; don’t let yourself be hitched or else connected; worry about environmental surroundings and justice that is social. These are all true points that we live as much as myself. It is probably A western redneck state thing, but We meet a lot of men, extremely few reside up to these objectives. We have actually provided these dudes the possibility often times plus it had been an emergency; the instance that is last in my being stalked. Comparison this to my husband that is former who their solution to a doctorate (since have actually I) a Deanship, and also to today is a stellar humanitarian and activist.