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Swingers Tales. Boasting several of the most exciting erotica from Southern Africa’s largest swinging community.

Boasting a few of the most exciting erotica from South Africa’s biggest community that is swinging. Indulge our huge collection to your fantasies of stories or simply show your innovative flair and submit your very own.

A Marathon Dogging Session Dogging

“Bruce, have you been free on wednesday”

Whenever Stan asks that kind of concern, i recently understand that he’s got one thing planned that is interesting! Although used to do already have a tentative (but vanilla!) arrangement for that time, we knew that whatever Stan indicate would definitely be far more fun! I really confirmed that i might be around…

He explained exactly what he previously at heart – a marathon dogging session with a brand brand new partner, involving a quantity of… find out more

Interracial fucking Cuckold

Thus I posted an advertising awhile so she send me a text wanting to meet up she wants to exrience some BBC so we arranged to meet up so the wendsday we met I met the husband and her very nice white … Read more ago I was looking for a white woman or Hotwife to have fun with I’m a Bull (meaning a man of color coloured or black who enjoys fucking white woman) anyway so there was a response to my ad I placed it was a white woman from near by stilfontein is the place name