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Bisexuality confuses individuals and means they are insecure, which in turn encourages them to cover up .

There’s no question about any of it bisexuals will get some pretty bad press from specific sectors regarding the community that is lesbian.

Untrustworthy, greedy, “tourists”, accountable of “straight privilege”, also secretly right… the list continues on. Let’s face it, we bis aren’t top of everyone’s dating list. But needless to say, it is just with a dialogue that people can sort our differences out. We chose to bite the bullet and ask a small grouping of lesbian LOTL visitors to offer their frank views on the main topic of dating bi women/female spectrum folk…

“My very very first partner ended up being bisexual and, to tell the truth, we most likely wouldn’t get there once more. I happened to be extremely young during the time and overlooked her bisexuality, thinking it and happily stick with me if we settled down she’d grow out of. She did sooner or later set off with a person. Since that time i’ve just dated lesbians when I feel more safe being in a relationship with somebody of the identical intimate orientation as me personally. We imagine real bisexuality become excessively uncommon. You can find countless individuals now claiming to become a bi if it offers become a bit of a craze. that i actually do wonder”

“I’ve never ever had any difficulty dating bi females. Bisexuality confuses individuals and means they are insecure, which then encourages them to cover behind these anti bi stereotypes. Individuals want it ‘simple,’ however in the finish it is essential to understand that someone’s sexual orientation won’t constantly match the tiny boxes/categories that you would like it to.”

“It’s never show up as an alternative for me personally.