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i understand that the phrase is generally seen as a bad quality, a mark of a deficient, poor, and insecure person.

Then think about the truth of envy. But envy is additionally hardwired into us as a tough guardian of committed love. It can set a wall surface of fire around a relationship that doesn’t enable casual invaders to maraud and take what’s valuable. And envy shows that people don’t really have confidence in NSA intercourse. We have jealous in dealing with our partner’s old fans and previous experiences; an irrational and inconsistent effect if intercourse are meaningless. We also insist upon exclusivity as love grows. But why? When your partner can declare that intercourse with someone else had been simply NSA, does not that let them from the hook? Definitely not. Every fibre in your being tells you that. Your jealousy contradicts your belief in NSA intercourse. (which explains why Ross’s excuse, ‘We were for a break’, does hold water for n’t Rachel; intercourse is not NSA.)

Another evidence of the lie of NSA intercourse is because of our inconsistency regarding taboos around sex.

These taboos are nevertheless profoundly embedded inside our minds and our culture (though for just how long, I’m not yes), and unveil we nevertheless comprehend the charged energy of intercourse as something which may not be since meaningless as a handshake. Think of incest. If intercourse could certainly be NSA, then why maintain such synthetic boundaries? In what logic do we state if it is No Strings Attached that it is wrong for siblings to sleep together, or a father with his daughter? We can’t get it both methods, and our deep and revulsion that is intuitive incest tell us that intercourse is not NSA.

Finally, look at the painful truth of rape and sexual punishment. How come rape therefore harmful? The facts about intercourse so it has such capabilities of destruction, in order for an individual can be changed forever by one brief, momentary work?