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The ice manufacturer line to my ice box presently doesn’t have shutoff valve and I also’d want to include one but i can not determine just what size the connector is

we bought a 1/4 inches valve considering that the ice manufacturer connector We have says 1/4 FCM onto it nonetheless it failed to fit. It appears similar to 1/8 inches, however a 1/8 inch valve does not fit either, though it is quite near. Where could I find information on water pipeline sizes, there should be some standard?

The copper water line i will be linking it to has got the exact measurement that is same the refrigerator.


Okay I was thinking that searching the web for 1/4″ OD Valve Male Female would get me personally the things I require but i’m getting no total outcomes thus I’ve reopened issue! Can anybody offer me personally a internet backlink to a item that may fit? i have added an image of this connection that is current i would ike to include the valve. Many Many Many Thanks!

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You will find various criteria to pipelines and threads. Your problem is you are making an effort to mix two various threaded requirements.

The ball valve which you connected to has nationwide pipeline threads (NPT). NPT are tapered plus it is taper that produces the seal between a male and female joint. No washers are needed.

What exactly is shown in your picture is compression fixtures that have a right or thread that is running.