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The 11 Biggest Food Flops Of All Of The Time. Brands fail for most reasons — from poor advertising, to culture changes, right down seriously to an idea that is bad.

But green ketchup? Pureed beef-burgundy? Celery-flavored JELL-O? That is where the majority of us draw the line.

Brands fail for most reasons — from poor marketing, to culture changes, right down seriously to an idea that is bad. Here are a few items through the half-century that is last regrettably (or happily?) did not pass the taste test that is national.

Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup

In October 2000, the people at H.J. Heinz business took ketchup where it is never ever gone before: green. The concoction that is artificially-colored in a fresh EZ Squirt container made with a slim nozzle, perfect for drawing smiley faces on cheeseburgers.

In the 1st 3 years, the Heinz business offered significantly more than 25 million containers of EZ Squirt ketchup and rolled down three more funky hues, including purple, azure, and Mystery Color, that could be either purple, orange, or teal. Even though condiment that is kid-friendly at first a success, consumers ultimately destroyed interest in addition to item had been discontinued in 2006.

Fatal flaw: It ends up moms and dads are not all that in love with French fries slathered in spinach-colored goo. Either that, or people that are too many switched off once they mixed the colors together and discovered they got brown.

Brand New Coke

April 23, 1985, will soon be recalled as being a day that is dark soft-drink history.