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additional information emerge in tale of antigay lawmaker caught fleeing orgy that is gay including pictures and movie

More information have actually emerged within the strange story involving that antigay lawmaker from Hungary who was simply busted attempting to escape a homointercourseual intercourse celebration in Brussels, Belgium last Friday.

59-year-old JГіzsef SzГЎjer is really a super Member that is conservative of European Parliament. Or rather, he had been until previously this when he resigned after being caught, quite literally, with his pants down in a roomful of naked men week.

David Manzheley may be the individual who arranged the orgy. Talking with the Hungarian tabloid Blikk and Brussels-based Dutch-language news socket Het Laatste milftastic Nieuws, he claims he just invited 10 guys over when it comes to celebration and therefore everybody was offered an immediate COVID-19 test during the home.