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You’ve had a number of actually frightening situations over time with participants losing awareness. How exactly does the Caleb situation compare to many other people like Russell Swan?

This will be at the top the list. This is probably the most frightened I’ve been in every my time on Survivor. Three individuals down at the same time and another of those in very severe condition. There is no color in Caleb’s face and extremely small reaction from him for a long time. Also for the very first moments that are few they place the air mask on, Caleb didn’t react. Then, away from nowhere, he took a breathing and abruptly along with came back, their face completed once again plus in a matter of moments he had been right straight back. It absolutely was really effective to witness. I don’t imagine Caleb has any basic concept just just what he had and watching the episode had been probably extremely emotional for him along with his family members.

You guys constantly desire to push participants, but never ever this far.

Clearly the normal concern after seeing three players fall is: ended up being this kind of challenge within these specific conditions simply a lot of? That which was your review that is internal like regards to talking about after whether or not the searching portion with this challenge ended up being too extreme for the reason that heat with currently dehydrated contestants?

If only it had been as easy as saying, “We forced too much, ” for the reason that it will be an easy task to fix. The simple truth is, we’ve done that kind of a challenge often times on Survivor and from a real standpoint, it is really one of several minimum demanding.