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PSDFan Loves Typography Tees

Designers absolutely love typographical t-shirts. This infatuation has been going on for a very long time. The type tee can be a wonderful thing when it is done correctly. PSDFan recently came up with a list of 30 stylish typography t-shirts that you’ll want to check out…

Holebrain’s Redesign, November Designs Part 2, Greg Abbott’s Angry Bear

That was a mouthful of a title but I had to do it. I was running through the various t-shirt related news sites and I came across some subject matters that were familiar. Basically, the three things that caught my eye were related to previous posts on Color Overload. So let’s all take a trip down memory lane….

Halloween 2009 – T-Shirts Around The Web

As I sat down to prepare the Halloween edition post for Color Overload, I started to think this may be tougher than I thought. With the increasingly popular trend of gruesome designs including zombies and guts, you might think it’s Halloween year-round in our world. :)

A Membership Only T-Shirt Site?

Andy at Hide Your Arms just posted a funny little letter to the peeps at SpokenThreads asking them why they would choose to require membership for purchases? I think most of you will agree that selling tees on the interwebs can be hard enough without putting an obstacle at the front of your store/site.

New Beautiful/Decay Apparel Site

Our friends over at Beautiful/Decay have recently launchedd a new site dedicated to their apparel line. They have a blog, which is often updated with news about their most recent products, ventures and much more, so if you are a fan of t shirts and fashion you should def check out the new site!

Free Brochures for Tee Business Owners

Hey all! Today we have a cool giveaway you t shirt business owners may be interested in!, which specializes in Brochure Printing has given us 500 5.5 x 8.5 free brochures to giveaway to one lucky reader. These Brochures from UPrinting would be perfect to send out to stores and boutiques you are interested in having your clothing line in and can be used in many other ways as well.

Fuel for Art eBook

I know a lot of t shirt business owners create their own t shirt designs, so I thought my new eBook about how to Sell Art online would be of interest to artists or designers who read this blog. The book covers a variety of topics to help artists make more money from home by selling their art online.

New eBook for Sale

I have launched a second eBook called Fuel for Art and it covers How to Sell Art Online. This book is geared towards designers, illustrators and fine artists looking to sell the artwork their artwork so if you are interested in Selling Your Art Online you should check it out!

T.I.T.S X Karmaloop pt. 2

Karmaloop sent me a link to this pretty cool video which gives you a look into the making of the T.I.T.S X Karmaloop collaboration. Go behind the scenes and see how the shirt came to life from photo shoot to finished product!

New Tee Contest at! is hosting a cool new T Shirt Contest sponsored by Beautiful/Decay Apparel. The 1st place winner will get to see their tee printed and win $200 cash and there are runner up prizes as well. You get total creative freedom, because Beautiful/Decay Apparel wants you to express yourself as an artist through your tee design. So now is your chance to go crazy with your creative energy and win some killer prizes at the same time!