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THE DATING RUSSIAN LADIES: strategies for guys seeking a new, stunning bride that is russian

72. Pose a question to your woman to familiarizes you with her relatives and buddies. If she will not would like you to satisfy her household, it might be an indicator this woman is not enthusiastic about you.

73. Whenever people that are visiting in Russia (ladies’ household, buddies etc) you may be likely to bring something special. The most readily useful present should be plants for the hostess and a container of good wine. If you will find young ones, get them sweets. These gift suggestions comes in the street shop (kiosk that is nearest). They will decide you are rude and stingy if you don’t bring presents.

74. During the festive table you are anticipated to use every meal (or many dishes) and take in whenever a toast is proposed. You have a medical condition that does not allow drinking if you do not want to drink alcohol, say. Usually do not say you do not like consuming – they will determine you might be nuts.

75. Usually do not drink liquor or alcohol if the woman will not take in. Never ever get drunk.

76. Try not to comment that one thing is costly: Russian concept of your message “expensive” is instead absolute (i actually do n’t have cash to purchase it) than general (this item is overpriced). If you fail to are interested to buy one thing, simply state therefore “No, I do not need it it” but don’t state you’re not purchasing it since it is high priced.

77. Counting cash through the courtship is recognized as really manners that are bad Russia. It doesn’t suggest you should purchase her every thing she wants: a woman that is decent perhaps perhaps perhaps not ask to get her costly things, and also the one that asks is a gold digger – dump her straight away. But a lady will expect one to purchase her beverages and meals when you’re together. Do not allow your spouse get hungry!