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Congrats in your spiritual success, Commander Kapner. People additionally the Lord SALUTE a person.

Dear Br. Nathanael,

Here’s their eliminate harm complete to you personally being a outcome associated with the STRAFFING through the strike of ‘The Killer Tomatoes’ out of Colorado

Today get as fine as perccept a deserved and needed SLEEP. Bring certain ‘R&R’ on your own as the Lord offers St. Raphael that Archangel have a tendency to the struggle wounds even though the Heavenly’s do a little HEAL strive to your very own ‘Warthog’ (grin)

Dear Br. Nathanael,

Therefore the spiritual harm your’ve brought your Lord’s adversaries inside New York includes nowadays of getting in order to area increase their holes burned/etched to the memory out of witnessing one, the point, while the reaction after typical day to day quite certainly LIVING someate on roads out of New York.

Each of them need to mend your sight of this memory to watching we while they set off towards sumptiously dine to leeks as well as onions while they crush stones as well as stomp inside mud pits to be able to keep creating Pharoahs Temples to towns.

They need to battle from the believe and also summary they are each even just SLAVES, to his or her hordes is certainly going to another looters, shysters, attorneys, crooked fund males and also bankers, with their corrupt government officials, etcetera. If they will likely many assuredly welche into the never quite distant next.

We many thanks for the the most motivating (then funny) phrase to support.

I simply would like you to learn and all sorts concerning of your priceless genuine Zionist Information family members, you greatly that I truly love and appreciate (and respect.

A lot enjoy then Christ’s Blessings for you Fr that is dear Joseph.