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In gaming the term is used basically like it is elsewhere; characters may join political or ideological factions. A program that allows a computer or other device to emulate the behavior of a game different video game platform. For instance, emulators are available for phones that emulate games that used to be available only on stand-alone arcade games or console games. A subgenre of simulation games focusing on romantic interaction. Dating sims are almost exclusively made by Japanese companies.

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The technique of mapping a certain action or command to a specific keyboard key, thus creating a shortcut. PC gamers dress up games for girls often create their own key binds in order to make it easier and faster to perform certain moves. Abbreviation of “heads-up display.” In gaming this refers to the data that appears on the edges of the screen. This data includes information such as health, experience, items, maps, units under the player’s control, and other metadata. If a player uses all their hitpoints, they may die. Gameplay where the player uses melee weapons and repetitive clicking or button-mashing to defeat enemies.

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Sometimes microtransactions can add up and cause financial problems. Some gamers record themselves as they play and post the videos online for others to watch. These are collectively referred to as “Let’s Plays,” and some Let’s Players have the most followed channels on YouTube. short for “local area network.” LAN parties are a meeting of several gamers in one place (the local area network–say, a school, or a home) to play an online game together.

  • The version of the game I know is played with a standard 52-card deck.
  • It’s a great ice breaker and a fun way to pass the time.
  • If you like this game, spread it everywhere you go.
  • To play this version you need to remember the rules and the rhyme.
  • You pick one of your cards, discard it and put the card you just drew in its place.

Many casual games and apps like Candy Crush or Angry Birds are free-to-play. These games cost no money to download, but rather make revenue from in-game microtransactions. The temporary killing of a player; originates from the military use of the term. Can also be used to refer to a fragmentation grenade. Viciously insulting another player; can result in a flame-war where both sides hurl vitriol.


A mode in which gamers can play online with other gamers. A small, local version of a map, typically appearing in the heads-up display. Mini-maps often show enemy locations, terrain changes, and nearby items. Often games with mini-maps also include larger, more expansive maps, but these are accessible from a different window. An online financial transaction that involves a small amount of money (less than $12). Many games, especially mobile or casual games, involve microtransactions.

When a player gets frustrated and quits out of anger. Accomplishing a quest typically results in some reward, as well as the continuation of a storyline. This refers to when you kill another player in an online match. Sometimes spelled n00b (with two zeros instead of o’s). Shorthand for the term “newbie;” indicates an inexperienced player, and can be used in a playful or derogatory way.

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Grapplers often have movesets that comprise of 360 and 720 motions on the joystick, and commonly have moves with armor. One advantage of using free cancels is that the player can cancel moves that might lose their properties otherwise.

  • The game’s 3D visuals are good and the animation quite smooth.
  • I like the way girl games online the screen shakes when a scary spider hits a character.
  • The monster weapons range from fearful spells launched from a distance to melee attacks by spiders and creepy critters.

Pressure involves using a sequence of attacks to keep an opponent on the defensive and often involves okizeme and mix-up tactics. The purpose of pressure is to keep an enemy from effectively attacking back until they make a mistake, usually allowing for a damaging command move or combo to be performed. Plinking, or Priority linking, is a fundamental technique in which two or more buttons are pressed in rapid succession, allowing for easier input commands and overall better execution. This technique was popularized in Super Street Fighter MD-IV, when 2 players utilized it to execute more difficult combos. First used in Street Fighter II to describe the act of attacking the opponent as they are standing up in such a way that only the latest active frames of the move strike the opponent.

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Some characters are rewarded with much higher damage than others off of their KBs and can actually win entire rounds or matches simply by strategically budgeting their KBs . This affects the meta of the game greatly, although Krushing Blows are not necessarily crucial or required to understand or succeed in the game. A knockout occurs when a player’s life is depleted and the player’s character is "knocked out." Sometimes compared to Ring Out. Jump installing is a Guilty Gear term referring to an aspect of the engine that was originally a bug, but later became a feature. The idea is to input a jump during a jump-cancelable move, but then cancel the attack into another attack instead of allowing the jump to occur. This "tricks" the engine into believing the player is in an airborne-state. The act of waiting to see if an attack lands, then reacting by continuing into a combo or special attack.

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Hit confirm may also refer to using a safe attack to see if one is able to land a combo or not. This is usually done by hitting the opponent with light attacks and other pokes. If the attack connects then the attacker may carry on into their combo.

If it is blocked then the attacker can end their attack string safely. The reason why the attacker would use hit confirming is so that they do not put themselves in dangerous situations when attempting combos. This is also the name of a common exploit in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in which a character is rendered unable to block in mid-air. In the game, when a character is considered to be in a "normal jump" , the character can only block once . Therefore, any attack executed after the character is no longer blocking cannot be blocked. Grapplers are characters designed around strong command throws. They are typically large, less-mobile, have higher Life, and have hard-hitting moves with good reach.

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Fatal Blows are also only available to each player once per match. The term ‘cross-up’ generally refers to jumping attacks, but is sometimes applied to any situation in which an opponent may have difficulty in determining which direction to block in.