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Dream Daddy – Ways To Get Craig’s Ending

While getting together with Craig during the gym is not the official date, it really is advisable that you begin making points with him early. Once you wind up during the gymnasium, you’ll choose whichever responses you love until such time you arrive at the yard barbeque. Here, you’ll want to find the solution to keep in touch with Mat, Hugo, and Craig. From then on, choose the prompt to keep in touch with Craig instead than Mat and Hugo.

The a reaction to Craig’s concern regarding the home does not appear to make a difference, though he responds well to, “The brand brand new home is ideal!” With that from the real way, go to head directly for the burger time choice. After that, the options don’t matter until you’re able to the Dadbook part.

Your Dadbook responses will not make a difference in terms of obtaining the Craig ending in Dream Daddy.

Once more, we now haven’t determined whether or otherwise not your Dadbook responses count towards each dad to your interactions. Nonetheless, listed below are the“Craig” answers that are best we can find in Dadbook. Go ahead and pick whichever you prefer if you don’t such as the alternatives below.