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Carol Dweck

Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor and Professor, by courtesy, of Education

Might work bridges psychology that is developmental social therapy, and character therapy, and examines the self-conceptions individuals used to plan the self and guide their behavior. My research talks about the origins among these self-conceptions, their part in inspiration and self-regulation, and their effect on accomplishment and social procedures.

Academic Appointments

  • Developmental PsychologyPSYCH 211 (Profit)
  • Self TheoriesPSYCH 12N (Aut)
  • What’s a Mindset and just how Does it Work? PSYCH 277 (Spr)
  • Separate Studies (4)
    • Graduate ResearchPSYCH 275 (Aut, Profit, Spr, Sum)
    • Practicum in TeachingPSYCH 281 (Aut, Win, Spr)
    • Reading and WorkPSYCH that is special 194Aut, Profit, Spr, Sum)
    • Unique Laboratory ProjectsPSYCH 195 (Aut, Profit, Spr, Sum)
  • Prior courses year

    2018-19 Courses

    • Developmental PsychologyPSYCH 211 (Profit)
    • Inspiration and EmotionPSYCH 235 (Spr)
    • Self TheoriesPSYCH 12N (Aut)

    2017-18 Courses

    • Developmental PsychologyPSYCH 211 (Profit)
    • Self TheoriesPSYCH 12N (Aut)

    2016-17 Courses

    • Developmental PsychologyPSYCH 211 (Profit)
    • Self TheoriesPSYCH 12N (Aut)
    • The Self: Representations and InterventionsPSYCH 270 (Spr)

    Stanford Advisees

    • Doctoral Dissertation Reader (AC) Mika Asaba, Michael Hahn, Kari Leibowitz, Daniel O’Leary, Jesse Reynolds, Eric Smith, Sean Zion
    • Postdoctoral Faculty Sponsor Arber Tasimi
    • Doctoral Dissertation Advisor (AC) Cai Guo
    • Doctoral Dissertation Co-Advisor (AC) Kayla Good

    All Publications

    • Development mind-set tempers the effects of poverty on educational success. Procedures associated with the nationwide Academy of Sciences of this united states Claro, S., Paunesku, D., Dweck, C. S. 2016; 113 (31): 8664-8668


    Two mostly split systems of empirical research have indicated that educational accomplishment is impacted by structural facets, such as for example socioeconomic back ground, and emotional facets, such as for example pupils’ opinions about their abilities.