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Exactly exactly How did we get from 9 months of a relationship that is great feeling like im always the very last thing on their head?

Thats precisely what happened certainly to me. After around 9-10 months of relationship through the sweetest most kindest loveliest man whom managed me such as the most significant individual in the life. To such as the many unimportant thingy in their life. Without any reason. From 1 day to another. Its a riddle in my opinion nevertheless

We told my ex boyfriends girlfriend me and another girl he ws very angry and everyt he ph that he messed arond behind her bck w

Me personally i’dn’t respond to me personally once I snd him sms he swingtowns ignores me personally or their accountable bt he then informs their girlfriend bcause his mother died a 1month 2wks ago and looked after his child I did the same for him about it then he makes out I’m sms him continuously which is nt true and she believes everyt he says she’s so stupid and she’s a convienant and a rebound to him