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You know when Go Media and The Black Axe get together it is time to pay attention. These guys didn’t disappoint with their latest creation aptly named It is just like the name would imply, a dead simple internet app to create professional grade t-shirt mockups.

So Many Designs, So Little Money

I have never seen so many t-shirt designs in one single thread. And the best part…they are all for sale. These designs are of the highest quality to with styles that appeal to every design taste. Where is this design oasis you ask?

The Black Axe Tutorial on Illustrator Masking

Blake is a guest author from You Design It. He helps us at Color Overload when it comes to custom t-shirt printing.

When the Black Axe write about t-shirt design, we pay attention. It’s plain and simple. These guys know a thing or two about designing t-shirts. They have designed for some of the freshest names in the music industry and their work continues to get better with experience. They just released a short video tutorial on masking and transparency in Illustrator…

Two Color Separation Tutorials from Vectortuts

Blake is a guest author from You Design It. He tries to bring the knowledge to help you design t-shirts.

Vectortuts just released a new tutorial from Chad Holmes about creating color separations in Illustrator for use with screen printed t-shirt designs. It’s an excellent article and goes into an amazing amount of details taking the reader from selecting the skull, adding strokes and layers and then finally doing all the color separation for a crisp, clean screen printed t-shirt.

Derek Deal Is The Real Deal

I went over to Emptees this morning and was seeing what the latest was. The design o’ the day was from a guy named Derek Deal so I clicked through to see his profile. Let me just describe his work in one word = WOW! This guy has serious skills…

The Rainbow Print Technique for T-Shirt Printing

Two posts ago I showed you some shirts from EIOK Clothing that featured a printing technique I think is cool. It is pretty inexact as far as consistency goes but the results can be spectacular. Here is an image showing just how easy that style of print can be executed…

Are Crowns the New Skulls?

I was just looking through some clothings lines and checking out their wears. I noticed quite a few of them had a similar look…but I couldn’t pinpoint it. I ran through a few more brands and found what I was looking for.  Seems to me that crowns at the top of some text on a tee print might just be a new design trend.

Shalimar’s Nebula for the Incubus Contest

One of the design inspiration sites that I subscribe to is Design You Trust. The design mediums covered by this user driven artistic site cover a wide array ranging from photography, web design, paint things, and most importantly t-shirt design. You just knew that I was leading to t-shirt design.

Go Media Overhauls Their Affiliate Network

*This post was contributed by our guest t-shirt blogger Blake from You Design It. Contact him if you need custom t-shirt printing. :)

While I’m not an affiliate for any products or services, I feel like I should help do my part to spread the word for Go Media’s latest announcement.  These guys have done such a great job of improving the t-shirt industry through tutorials, artwork, and trendsetting.

Rubens Scarelli By Way Of Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo just turned me onto one heck of a t-shirt illustrator. The guys name is Rubens Scarelli hailing from Brazil, and apparently he’s been winning t-shirt competitions of late. I haven’t seen his designs before and I was glad to be introduced to how clean his artwork is.