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A Converted Fan for Greg Abbott’s Artwork

I have a confession to make. I anonymously cruise the site Emptees on a regular basis. It’s such a great resource and a fun place to get my t-shirt fix. One designer I have quietly become a fan of at Emptees is Greg Abbott. And just like I’m sure he’ll be surprised to hear why I’m a fan, I’ll bet you might be surprised too. One hint…it isn’t his design content.

T-Shirt Designs For Lights and Darks

Have you ever created artwork with the intentions of printing it on a light colored shirt and using the same artwork for a dark colored shirt? If you have, then your printer probably warned you about the difficulty of doing so. Printing on dark shirts can be a beast, if not done properly. Here’s a good example to illustrate what I’m talking about.

Abduzeedo X Chris Rushing

I love it when a mainstream design blog will produce a whole article featuring t-shirt design. There are so many different aspects of design as a whole, that often times the niche of t-shirt design is overlooked. A hat tip goes out to Abduzeedo for their coverage of Chris Rushing, because he deserves it.