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Collaborate & Listen to Brand New Intention

I went to look at Brand New Intention like I do all the brands that email me. Something caught my eye and it was the name J3 Concepts. I have followed Jared’s work for quite some time and seeing his name attached to this brand made me stick around a little bit.

The T-Shirt War Video

Color Overload usually covers a clothing line or designer and rarely strays from that genre. We don’t cover many videos here unless there is one that blows us away. Well….one just did. This may be a t-shirt video that you’ve seen on other t-shirt blogs because quite frankly, it should go on every t-shirt blog on the interwebs. It is that good!

OriginalFake Pocket Tee

As I wind down the week and prepare for a glorious three day weekend thanks to Memorial Day, I thought I would leave you with a cool little tee by OriginalFake….

You Ain’t Up On This

Most of us stare at t-shirts all day long. We eat, sleep, and breathe cool tees by scouring the internet daily. It feels good when I stumble upon a shirt where it feels like there’s a connection. This was definitely the case when I came across this bad boy.

Formula Werks X Local Loyals Remix The Ampersand

Have you seen the ampersand themed tees yet? Yeah, I know…who hasn’t, right? Well, the very familiar ampersand tee is being served up in a new flavor. Err, make that a whole bunch of new flavors and this concept is one that should have legs.

The New Guy At Color Overload

What’s up people? You may have noticed for the past few weeks there has been a new author of these wonderful articles at Color Overload.  Well, my name is Darren, and I recently came to Color Overload after it was acquired from Gino. Be looking forward to posts about the coolest tees, latest designs, and up and coming clothing lines. If you feel like I need to know more about your wears, designs and such….then contact me at admin[at]coloroverload[dot]com.

The Hundreds – Did They or Didn’t They?

There’s a little bit of a heated debate over at You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice about whether or not The Hundreds copied artwork for one of their spring prints. The site is known for its mud-slinging and the comments section is the mud pit.