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Connect and install the water line to your fridge. Put in a refrigerator water supply line that is new

Your fridge dispenses ice that is refreshing water all through the year. provided that it is linked to a water supply line. You need to use water line leftover from your own past fridge, or begin fresh by having a brand new kit from the equipment shop. In either case, we are going to help you to get your house water-ready.

Install a brand new fridge water supply line

In case your house does not have a water line set up from the past fridge, you’ll need a water line that will run involving the water pipelines in your property along with your refrigerator.

Water lines are usually offered in kits as they are maybe maybe not incorporated with the fridge. We advice utilizing a water line installation kit that makes use of 1/4 inches copper tubing, a 1/4 inches compression nut, and a ferrule. Take into account that you will require a compression nut at both ends, plus some kits only include one.

This action will differ according to the form of gear you employ, so proceed with the kit’s guidelines. The fundamentals include attaching a shut off valve (C in the image) to your cold water line (A) using a pipe clamp (B) in most installations. Then chances are you’d have to twist the valve until it pierces your water line.

From then on, you would link the remainder water line installation kit (a within the image) into the shut down valve (B).