Engedi Apparel Is Galactic

September 11, 2009 | Written by Darren | Category: Clothing Lines

Engedi Apparel is the clothing company of the future. Seriously, according to their history page they came in a time machine from the year 2061 to escape the mankind versus mechanical duck war. Anyway, they brought a bunch of cool shirts with them. Check it out.


This seems like an ideal shirt for a future related company. The bright colors on the black shirt are definitely striking and it’s a good example of using the shirt as part of the canvas of the design.


Cool oversized print and it gets bonus points for being readable even if the wearer is upside down. All in all it’s sure to turn some heads.


I’m not sure what a future company is doing tackling an event from so long ago, but regardless their rendition is pretty cool. There’s a whole lot of detail done in that solid white print. It’s pretty cool

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