Formula Werks X Local Loyals Remix The Ampersand

April 13, 2009 | Written by Darren | Category: Uncategorized

Have you seen the ampersand themed tees yet? Yeah, I know…who hasn’t, right? Well, the very familiar ampersand tee is being served up in a new flavor. Err, make that a whole bunch of new flavors and this concept is one that should have legs.

Formula Werks and Local Loyals got together and created t-shirts reppin’ the major sports teams in 20 plus cities in the United States. If you live in one of those big cities, then chances are that you root for the local teams.  In Chicago, you can either choose between a Cubs or Sox option. Furthermore, you can create your own mashup for the Bay Area, Los Angeles, or New York, since they have more teams than can fit on a tee.

This is what I like to see, a nice little remix instead of the same tired song.

formula_chicagoformula_chicago2formula_bostonImages from Formula Werks

2 Responses

  1. Burma Jade | April 13th, 2009

    Good idea

  2. Coty | April 15th, 2009

    Now this was made for the die hard city sports fan! But what will they do with cities like LA and NY that have more than one team for any given sport like NY Giants and the NY Jets or the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers!