Halloween 2009 – T-Shirts Around The Web

October 29, 2009 | Written by Darren | Category: News

As I sat down to prepare the Halloween edition post for Color Overload, I started to think this may be tougher than I thought. With the increasingly popular trend of gruesome designs including zombies and guts, you might think it’s Halloween year-round in our world. :)

With that said, a few things worth mentioning is the autumn pre-holidays so being held at Design By Humans. The tees are starting at $15 and the sale ends midnight Sunday.


I couldn’t mention Halloween and gruesome designs without including a few from Emptees. These designs are cool year-round and just feel that much more appropriate with Halloween being so near.




One design blog that isn’t T-shirt specific but occasionally throw some love our way is Vectortuts. They just capped off a Halloween Horror Fest of Vector Illustrations post and there were quite a few T-shirt designs mixed in there.


Enjoy Halloween!

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