How to Create Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockups

August 11, 2008 | Written by Gino | Category: T Shirt Business

GoMediaZone recently released a cool t-shirt template pack that you can use to Mock Up Your T-Shirt designs. They also released a tutorial that sows you how to use the template to create some sweet t shirt design mock ups.

Their Twenty Piece Pack of tees comes separated in five colors with four variations of each. The templates also come with fronts and backs, clipping masks to isolate your artwork onto the appropriate areas, and even a shadow layer that is placed on top to give your t shirt design a more authentic/printed look.

If you are starting a t-shirt biz or plan on selling t shirt designs online then I highly recommend checking out this great download!

One Response

  1. bruno | August 21st, 2008

    The thing with the whole Shirt-Templates Go Media sells is, that you can do the Mock Up Yourselfes. There is so much detail on the videos that you apparently can just do those mock ups too instead of buying em’. I mean if you have some photoshop experience ;)