Inspired Mag’s 55 Fresh T-Shirts for Creatives

June 17, 2009 | Written by Darren | Category: Cool T Shirts

I am a sucker for a big list of cool t-shirts. Typically, a big list will include about 30 shirts….so I had to feature this one because they bumped it up to 55.

Inspired Magazine has been pretty consistent in coming out with great lists over a wide variety of topics. I really perked up my ears on this one because they featured 55 fresh t-shirts for the creative community. You know I have a little something for tees.  :)

Here’s two screenshots with examples from the list. You can click on either one to go to the original article.



One Response

  1. Coty | June 19th, 2009

    Nice find, Darren. I’ve seen many of those tees before so I wasn’t that blown away their list. And I kind of frowned when I saw that he used the multiple tees from the same shop (i.e. Glennz, Threadless).

    We need connect and make a list of our own! Surely we can one up this list of 55, considering that we are bona fide T-Shirt experts! LOL!