New Site Updates

August 1, 2008 | Written by Gino | Category: News

We made a few minor changes today on the site:

1. We removed the Google ads and Google search to clean up the blog. The search box at the top of the site is now the normal site search for finding posts.

2. We added a form in the sidebar on the right to make it easier to subscribe via email. If you want updates in your email simply use the form above the banners to subscribe and you will get the latest blog posts directly in your email. No spam at all, just our blog posts.

3. We are going to be launching a t-shirt forum very soon. Its still under construction, but we will officially announce it when it is done, so keep an eye out!

I hope you like the new improvements and I look forward to chatting with you all at the new t-shirt forum soon!

2 Responses

  1. Rangga | August 1st, 2008

    the search box on the top is really good idea!

  2. Peter | August 1st, 2008

    Looking good!