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August 29, 2008 | Written by Gino | Category: Cool T Shirts

Nossa is a hot New Clothing Line in Brazil that’s has launched a really great collection of shirts. Many of their shirts cover varying aspects of Brazil’s history such as politics, society, music and more including some truly beautiful shirts with powerful messages such as the t shirt designs below.

Nossa T Shirts From Brazil

Short for “People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar”, Los Pepes was a controversial vigilante group formed by enemies of Pablo Escobar. Fundamental in Escobar’s demise they waged a bloody was against the kingpin and his associates. Members of the group included rival drug lords, Colombian police & army personnel. They also had supposed ties to u.s. forces.

The history of Jamaican reggae music illustrated by the faces of some of it’s key personalities, past to present. Gradient print on front, Nossa lion logo on sleeve.

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