Lowdtown Friends and Freaks

It’s easy to find t-shirts to buy on the internet if you are friendly, but what about if you are a freak? Being a freak can sometimes present obstacles when trying to shop and find clothing that matches your freaky style. Well, I’ve got good news….I’ve found a t-shirt line that works for both friends and freaks….

Buy A T-Shirt That Keeps Giving

A lot of you peeps are buying t-shirts right now like they are going out of style. Christmas time is one of the best times of the year to load up on tees because of all the sales and special deals. You can really rack up if you play your cards right. This is also the time of year that you can justify buying t-shirts for others to help spread the t-shirt obsession around. What if you were able to buy t-shirts cheap….as gifts or for yourself…and give to charity all at once??? Thanks to Design Give you can.

PSDFan Loves Typography Tees

Designers absolutely love typographical t-shirts. This infatuation has been going on for a very long time. The type tee can be a wonderful thing when it is done correctly. PSDFan recently came up with a list of 30 stylish typography t-shirts that you’ll want to check out…

Holebrain’s Redesign, November Designs Part 2, Greg Abbott’s Angry Bear

That was a mouthful of a title but I had to do it. I was running through the various t-shirt related news sites and I came across some subject matters that were familiar. Basically, the three things that caught my eye were related to previous posts on Color Overload. So let’s all take a trip down memory lane….

Ript Apparel’s Still Rippin’ Away

Ript Apparel seems to be getting better with age. I have followed these guys for a while now and some of their latest prints have to be hits. The colors and designs are so compelling…

Halloween 2009 – T-Shirts Around The Web

As I sat down to prepare the Halloween edition post for Color Overload, I started to think this may be tougher than I thought. With the increasingly popular trend of gruesome designs including zombies and guts, you might think it’s Halloween year-round in our world. :)

Holebrain’s New Mini Collection

Why do we see the majority of new clothing lines with single color prints on their t-shirts? It’s pretty simple economics…it’s much cheaper. The only problem with that is, a single color design is much harder to sell with people or a high quality multicolor designs in the t-shirt marketplace.

So Many Designs, So Little Money

I have never seen so many t-shirt designs in one single thread. And the best part…they are all for sale. These designs are of the highest quality to with styles that appeal to every design taste. Where is this design oasis you ask?

Threadless X Tate Modern Museum

Question: When does designing t-shirts become a lot more than just designing t-shirts?

Answer: When a major company such as Threadless is able to partner up with a world-renowned art museum to give you international exposure.

That is what is happening in the…

Arkaik Brings The New

Arkaik just unleashed some new offerings and were kind enough to give us a coupon code. You probably want us to just give that to you. Well we are….right after we talk about the new t-shirts they just dropped.