The Black Axe Tutorial on Illustrator Masking

Blake is a guest author from You Design It. He helps us at Color Overload when it comes to custom t-shirt printing.

When the Black Axe write about t-shirt design, we pay attention. It’s plain and simple. These guys know a thing or two about designing t-shirts. They have designed for some of the freshest names in the music industry and their work continues to get better with experience. They just released a short video tutorial on masking and transparency in Illustrator…

Engedi Apparel Is Galactic

Engedi Apparel is the clothing company of the future. Seriously, according to their history page they came in a time machine from the year 2061 to escape the mankind versus mechanical duck war. Anyway, they brought a bunch of cool shirts with them. Check it out.

Homage Clothing Pays Homage

From the moment your browser lands on the Homage Clothing home page you feel like you’ve stepped through a portal into the past. Music plays as black and white images of famous sports stars and their legendary moments flash on the screen. While you’re enjoying the nostalgia check out Homage’s about page. As you might have expected their M.O. is to:

Two Color Separation Tutorials from Vectortuts

Blake is a guest author from You Design It. He tries to bring the knowledge to help you design t-shirts.

Vectortuts just released a new tutorial from Chad Holmes about creating color separations in Illustrator for use with screen printed t-shirt designs. It’s an excellent article and goes into an amazing amount of details taking the reader from selecting the skull, adding strokes and layers and then finally doing all the color separation for a crisp, clean screen printed t-shirt.

Holebrain is Good and Cheap

Holebrain is a UK based t-shirt line with designs at prices you don’t see very often. Sure, you have probably seen shirts for £8 or the US equivalent of $13.19 before, but rarely with designs as cool as these. Not only is the price of the shirt great, but he also offers free shipping to anywhere within the UK.

Christian San Jose is Hustlin’

I just came across a very interesting article posted at Coty Gonzalez by guest blogger Blake Poutra. It covered how t-shirt designer Christian San Jose created a social media campaign to help his cause in the DBH 10k contest. He went all out….

Arkaik Clothing Invades, Rolls, and Rawrs

Arkaik Clothing is a hip, indie brand that uses Big Cartel as its home. They have a real indie appeal featuring massive prints with lots of color. They also have a pretty cool marketing approach with their blog serving as their home page and a casual, laid back attitude.

Fabrik Addict Has Attitude

Fabrik Addict is a new clothing brand out of New York that is focused on providing high quality, fresh, and vibrant designs that are printed on durable American made clothing. Of course since they print on American made shirts they use American Apparel. No-brainer there.

With A Cherry On Top…Or Cherry Sauce

Cherry Sauce Clothing is a team of friends trying to bring fun back (not sexy, it’s already been brought back). And while I didn’t get the memo that fun was gone, I can see that they are having a good time with these designs. The overall theme is very consistent and the designs are top-notch.

Update on Linty Fresh Overseas

I had said from the beginning that this was a story that Color Overload wanted to follow. Well now we have a fresh update to bring to you. According to the Linty Fresh blog…