PSDFan Loves Typography Tees

November 23, 2009 | Written by Darren | Category: News

Designers absolutely love typographical t-shirts. This infatuation has been going on for a very long time. The type tee can be a wonderful thing when it is done correctly. PSDFan recently came up with a list of 30 stylish typography t-shirts that you’ll want to check out…

Typically these typography tee shirt lists can be a bit bland. That was a mouthful but it is true. The design community’s love for Helvetica can make a nondesigner scratch his/her head. On the flip side, a designers hatred for Papyrus and Comic Sans can be just as confusing. In short, they know their fonts and have a passion for them. This list doesn’t disappoint because it includes quite a few homemade fonts that you haven’t seen before. Click on the image below to head over there:


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