Randr Gets Fierce with Its Print

March 23, 2009 | Written by Darren | Category: Cool T Shirts

I just received a little gem in my inbox (see…it pays to email me with your updates!) and I was quickly impressed with the ferociousness of the print. It was brought to me by way of Randr as their new shirt of the week.

The name of this bad boy is More Gore and the artist behind it is none other than Collision Theory. Randr described it in their e-mail as Pollock meets Cronenberg meets Politics, and I’m just going to take their word for it. That is just a little too much symbolism for me on a t-shirt. It’s not that I’m not deep, it’s just that I’m not deep. That was my best attempt at being deep ;)


If you’re going to buy it, you might want to do that soon because it’s $13.99 this week only.

2 Responses

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  2. Requiem Extreme | April 7th, 2009

    Now this i like. It raw as a mofo! There is an understanding between the man and his weapon and the picture shows real emotion. I have not seen this on the actual Tee just yet but on a black or white tee this would look amazing I am sure. Nice find and one for the collection!