Recent Giveaway Winners

October 18, 2008 | Written by Gino | Category: News

Below are the winners of some of our recent giveaways. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay! Congratulations to everyone who won! Stay tuned for more Free T Shirts at Color Overload! T-Shirt Giveaway

Prize: 1 free “Big Wave” t shirt donated to us by
Winner: Kramertron T-Shirt Giveaway

Prize: 2 free t-shirts of Your Choice courtesy of
Winner: Annisk

TV Store Online Tee Giveaway!

Prize: 2 free t-shirts of Your Choice courtesy of
Winner: Judy

Vote John McClane Value Pack Giveaway

Prize: One McClane or McClane/Gruber Value Pack which includes a t-shirt, button pack, sticker and official yard sign from
Winner: Bryan Strom

2 Responses

  1. brian | October 19th, 2008


    Someone really voted for the 4th Die Hard movie and won? That movie is the worst movie because it lost all action-movie status that the other die hard movies had. How could this movie be the good if they censored the most famous line of the whole series?

    I feel personally let down in everyone.

  2. Annisk | November 25th, 2008

    Thanks to coloroverload and! Just received the two t-shirts. I’m not from USA, so im very…very happy when receiving these two t-shirts… :-)