Top 3 Japanese Shirt Folding Videos

July 21, 2008 | Written by Gino | Category: T Shirt Business

Japanese Shirt Folding is the ultimate way to fold your t shirts quickly and neatly. Folding your t shirts is important because it reduces wrinkles and saves tons of space if done right. You could probably fit 5 times as many shirts in your shirt drawer if you fold your shirts using the Japanese Shirt Folding technique.

If you run or are planning to start t shirt business, then you really should practice the Japanese Shirt Folding technique so that your customers will receive neatly folded, wrinkle free shirts. Plus you will save more room wherever you store your tees and you can fit more t-shirts per mailing package!

Japanese Shirt Folding Videos

Below are the three best videos on how to master this t-shirt folding technique:

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