You Ain’t Up On This

May 5, 2009 | Written by Darren | Category: Uncategorized

Most of us stare at t-shirts all day long. We eat, sleep, and breathe cool tees by scouring the internet daily. It feels good when I stumble upon a shirt where it feels like there’s a connection. This was definitely the case when I came across this bad boy.

I was just running through Mi Gente Clothing’s offerings and got stunned by the cleverness of their unofficial Air Yeezy t-shirt. They took what is arguably the hottest shoe product on the market right now, Kanye West’ custom designed Nike – the Air Yeezy, and piggybacked on its momentum. The words on the shirt come from his popular song “All Falls Down” and refer to the high price of the limited edition Yeezy’s. There is even more play to the lyrics when you realize that many people are probably buying the shoes just for the envy that goes with them.

To top it all off, the print is done in the same colorway as the shoes and even features the Kanye bear on back. By the way, the bear glows in the dark. Enough said.


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  2. ctuck | May 28th, 2009

    Thats hot!!!!!!!!! How can I get one??