Ardentees Gets Technical

So what do I mean by technical in the title of this post? Well, I review a lot a shirts and shirt lines and the majority are lauded for their ability to be cool and simple at the same time. It makes sense…if you contact a printer with a very complex 4-color process print he will tell you one of three things…

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Cure Apparel for JDRF

Now I have to be honest, whenever I see a t-shirt line that is tied to a charity, there is an initial bit of skepticism. You just hate to see that concept being used more as a marketing ploy than as a vehicle to do good. However, one thing that removes that doubt is when the t-shirt designs are directly based on the charity’s subject matter. That is the case with Cure Apparel Is The New New

You know when Go Media and The Black Axe get together it is time to pay attention. These guys didn’t disappoint with their latest creation aptly named It is just like the name would imply, a dead simple internet app to create professional grade t-shirt mockups.

Giraffe Ink Tees Are Unique

So what does the title of this post mean? Well, for starters….did you know that every Giraffe has a unique spot pattern on their coat? And did you know that Giraffe Ink Tees have a very cool and unique style about them? If you didn’t know these two facts already, then I suggest you read more….

Pale Horse Design Has Skills

The amount of time that goes into some of these t-shirt designs is absolutely mind-boggling. The thought process it takes to create the details is equally as mind blowing. Pale Horse Design is a great example of this.

Collaborate & Listen to Brand New Intention

I went to look at Brand New Intention like I do all the brands that email me. Something caught my eye and it was the name J3 Concepts. I have followed Jared’s work for quite some time and seeing his name attached to this brand made me stick around a little bit.

The T-Shirt War Video

Color Overload usually covers a clothing line or designer and rarely strays from that genre. We don’t cover many videos here unless there is one that blows us away. Well….one just did. This may be a t-shirt video that you’ve seen on other t-shirt blogs because quite frankly, it should go on every t-shirt blog on the interwebs. It is that good!

Tee of the Year in January

I just have to take a break from my regularly scheduled t-shirt line review to bring you what may possible be the t-shirt of the year. And I know what you are thinking… can you make that claim in January? It’s easy, when you see this shirt, you will understand completely.

Devicious Is Lookin’ Good

If you have been to the Overload before, you know that we are a fan of clean design. Color coronations and subject matter can go a long way even if the designs are considered simplistic. Complexity is not a requirement for good t-shirt design. Devicious is a great example of what I’m talking about.

Terminus Tees Has Three Shirts

I can’t remember where I first heard about or came across the three t-shirt offerings by Terminus. I made sure I bookmarked them so I would know to go back and look again later. The funny thing is… when I came back to check them out, it appears Terminus has taken on a whole new meaning.